Ruth Update 8-7-2014

From a recent email update.


Ruth’s strong sweet heart, as she puts it, keeps pluggin’ along.

She asked me to say that she wishes she could say thanks for all of the love pouring her way, and that she loves everyone.

She has floated even closer to passing.

With love,

6 thoughts on “Ruth Update 8-7-2014

  1. 12:12 & I just lit a beautiful white candle that has a face of Mother Mary on it that was gifted to me from a lovely & powerful group of healers last year. I feel & hope it will light your way home mama. I’ve read what others have written & you do seem “all around” right now. Oddly, about 20 minutes ago I came across a photo of the night you, me & jenny went out with Jeffrey to celebrate his birthday on Lamar. I had forgotten all about that night the “the herb bar” crew went out for the first time together. Seems fitting I would find it now. I know your spirit will soar soon Ruthie & this message is more for me than you now. When the time comes, I will look for a sign to know you found your way. No words can say what I feel in my heart right now. I love you mama. Brian, thank you for keeping us all in your thoughts during this time. You have a beautiful way with the words & you can feel all the love you have for Ruthie through them. I worked with Ruthie at the Herb Bar & she was a light for me & we shared many laughs & chocolate bars. Big hugs & love to both of you.

  2. her spirit is as strong as her BIG heart! I hope she is comfortable and I know she is surrounded by LOVE!!! Please give her a big smooch from me! Much Love Ruthie Cow! Sure do miss u and wish I coulda seen you in the last few years. xoxoxoxo

  3. I love you Ruth…
    On August the 9th, 21 years ago (correct me if I’m wrong mom) our grandmother Mimi passed on. Ruth (who share’s her Birthdate) reminded me of this and added; “Remember J, when Mimi died? I was sad and uncertain and I prayed and right then “Three Little Birds” came on the radio, remember? And I never worried again after that!” And so it was on my last visit with Ruth (in the physical form) she sang it to me… Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Don’t worry~~~ about a thing~~~cause every little thing’s~~~gonna be alright.
    My heart is heavy little sister, but I won’t be worried about you, because I KNOW; YOU’RE GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!
    I promise you, I will: slow down…listen more deeply… be kinder to myself, and always remember to floss. Ruth would really love that last one…
    I will love you always; yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sail away through time & space and keep one eye open for all of us!
    I imagine us all singing that song now, Ruth would get such a kick out of it!
    Love; pass it on…

  4. I love you Sunshine. You have and always will be my “my Sunshine” Add the “three little birds” and you see a picture of happiness.

  5. Dearest Ruth,
    I hope you remember me and my husband,Raja Rao.He was ill for many years and had reached a point of not being able to swallow.I searched for a “crystal healer ” in Austin and my very first inquiry was the Herb Bar ! Yes, they knew someone and she worked at the Herb Bar…you.For several years, your weekly visits kept Raja swallowing and each treatment made him feel so much better as well !! Though he could not often talk,when you arrived, he would light up ,take your hand and and give you a glorious smile. We both love you. You are truly one of the most Godly person we knew in Austin. Your beautiful face and presence are so pure and angelic. Your treatments helped Raja tremendously on his journey and helped me on mine.I still have the message you received for me during our last session, on my dresser. The most meaningful moment for me that we shared,was the very last day of beloved Raja’s life. You came over and helped me bath him. I honestly experienced this as the last washing of The Lords Feet. It could only have been you, to take part and share in that holy ceremony . That evening, Raja passed into the Feet of his Sat Guru,Sri. Atmananda.
    I lost track of you over the years but you are a permanent part of my heart and always will be. I send you all my love and prayers. I know the Lord’s Blessings are with you and will follow you always.
    Susan Raja-Rao

  6. Brian, I am a friend of Ruth’s mother and I would just like to thank you so very much for the faithful updates you put out on Ruth’s journey! They have been a special way of being able to know what was happening without having to bother the family. It was also a wonderful way to know how best to hold you all up in prayer during this difficult time. May God be your strength in the days and months ahead and may you know that the prayers will continue to surround you! Thank you and God Bless!

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