Ruth Update 8-3-2014

As I recently sent in an email:

Ruth asked me to let you know that she loves loving everyone.

She is very close to passing.

With love,

3 thoughts on “Ruth Update 8-3-2014

  1. Ruth – You got this… with style and grace. By just the warmth of your smile I can feel your presence through time and space… my word. You will go on… Your love and beauty will to continue to shine and reflect in the eyes and hearts of those you love and the lives you have touched. Your message has been received – pure love. Well done.

    All my love and admiration to you.

  2. Ruth, I was walking in riverside park tonight with my girl (my pup) and the wind was grazing my skin and and the trees were swaying and I looked up at the summer sky and the stars beyond and thought to myself that you are there. I just felt you in the air.

    thank you for teaching me about grace and love and courage.

  3. My sweet cousin….
    I am remembering the times we had jumping on trampolines, climbing rocks and running around the mountains. Though the years have past and we have lost touch I suddenly feel so close to you. The innocence of our childhood gone as we enter other parts of life. I feel that your are peaceful and as loved as you always have been. I will see you again my dear wonderful cousin. With so much love!

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