Ruth Update 7-28-2014


Here’s another post from our emailed updates.


Hi dear sweet loved ones,

Thanks to all of you who have shared your love with Ruth through visits, cards, emails, texts, and even Facetime! Thank you to those who helped support us as we came to terms with this stage of her experience, and arranged hospice and our home to care for her here.

She has had a busy few days connecting with her extraordinary collection of beautiful, powerful, loving people.

Still our sweet, lovely Roo, she has slowed down even more. Several of her physical systems are showing signs of failing. Her ability to focus and her levels of energy are at minimal levels. With her pain managed, she spends most of every day sleeping and resting in bed. She no longer eats. Only small sips of a few simple beverages throughout the day. She can read only one or two short texts or emails a day, at most. Any visits are very brief with limited engagement, and of course still full of her love.

She is at peace. She is deeply loved. She is ready to move on.

Though Ruth is unlikely to read any more posts, visit to share thoughts, feelings, and memories.

We will continue to let everyone know what happens in this intense and tender journey.

Thanks and love,

6 thoughts on “Ruth Update 7-28-2014

  1. I had the chance to sit with my dear sweet Ruthie on Sunday and I am filled with gratitude for this amazing experience. The energy of the room was full of joy, ecstasy, and freedom. As Brian said afterward, “Of course, because that’s who Ruth is!”

    For those dear friends who were not able to be present with her during this time, I want to share the beautiful vision that unfolded itself in front of my inner eye. It may just have been my imagining, but to me, it was a communication from Ruth, as clearly as if she were speaking.

    In the vision, Ruth and I descended into a watery cave and entered a chamber where, seated, was the figure of an old woman. We began, very systematically, to massage the figure. Her skin, at each place we worked, began to turn pink. “Oh,” I thought, “she is returning to her youth.” But no, when we finished, instead of becoming flesh, the body arose translucent and iridescent, like a dense soap bubble.

    It floated along beside and then merged into Ruth as we entered a room where a council of elders was seated around a white fire. The elders acknowledged Ruth and made a place for her in the circle. I watched as she drew out a bundle of what looked like wrapped cloth and placed it in the fire. Somehow I knew the bundle contained whatever was left of the old woman from whom the rainbow figure had emerged. Over and over again, I watched Ruth offer things to the fire. When she had finished, the most extraordinary sense of joy and freedom swept over me and I saw her fly, soaring over the fire and the council. She darted and looped like a swallow. I flew up to join her in this merry flight and was delighted to see Fiona fly in from our right. The three of us flew high above everything. Then, just at that moment, Brian tapped my leg with his gracious: “Ruth needs to rest now.” And I left the room as joyful as I have even been.

    I am so grateful to Ruth for her laughter, her wisdom and her unfailing love. I love her so much. The people she has gathered around her carry so many of these same qualities, I find I can’t help but love them too.

    The care, and patient “gatekeeping,” that Brian continues to offer Ruth during this “intense and tender” journey is deeply kind. Thank you Brian!!

  2. I will never forget you beautiful Ruth. Your grace, your kindness, your honesty. Your integrity. Your joyful cheeky nature. 🙂 You are one of the most amazing people I have known and I am blessed to have had you in my life.

    I love you and will miss you more than words can say.

    “Sail on Silver Girl, sail on by, your time has come to shine, all your dreams are on their way, see how they shine…”

  3. Ruth, I just found out about your battle with cancer, I had no idea. Brian, I am a high school friend of Ruth, her brother Scott and I were best of friends in high school. Since, it sounds as if she will not be reading these messages any more, please send my love to her. Please tell Ruth, through high school I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t always enjoy seeing the smile on her face. May the Lord provide you comfort and peace. My wife and I will pray for a peace that surpasses understanding for all of you, and that Ruth remains as comfortable as possible.

  4. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Ruth since high school. When I opened this page I was overwhelmed by Ruth’s smile!
    So bright! Took a quick trip down memory lane and the times we shared! What a goof you always were Ruth!
    Honestly having hard time writing, wanting to say something profound.
    But all that really matters is that I was fortunate to have the time with Ruth that I had so many years ago.
    Always be in my heart!
    Love you,

  5. Sunshine, thank you for being such a wonderful, loving daughter. Your love will go on and will continue to bless us all. Love, your Mamacita

  6. I love you, Ruthie and have for 27 years. You are truly one of my most valuable and cherished friends. Thank you so much for all you gave me and for all of the lessons. You are right. We are connected and love each other forever.
    Thank you for spending some time with me the other day. I needed it.
    You are an important part of me and will forever be.

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