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Below is¬†another update based on an email we sent out on 7-21-2014. ¬†This post is dated 7-25-2014, and though every detail below is still relevant, every day Ruth’s condition progresses.

With love, Brian


Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, Ruth went to see her oncologist, Dr. Michele Basche, today. [7-21] We had a good, plain-spoken, tender visit. Dr. Basche made it clear that going forward, we are focussed on making Ruth comfortable and alleviating pain. We talked about Ruth’s bloated abdomen, fluid retention, the small amount of food and liquid Ruth is able to consume, plan for medications, and the course of the disease.


Ruth received several big doses of vitamins (particularly C, B17, and K) in several big bags of fluid in Tijuana. This protocol seems to help shrink, if not eradicate, tumors in some patients. We are not sure how much help this treatment was to Ruth. Unfortunately, the fluids did not stay within her digestive and vascular systems; they ballooned her legs and lower regions, and flooded her abdominal cavity.

Today, we went from her oncologist to the main hospital to see how much fluid might be drained. After a very simple and quick procedure, nearly three liters were drained. Whew!

Ruth’s abdomen is visibly smaller, and she is a little more flexible. She can probably eat and drink a little more now that there is a little more room for her stomach to receive such basics.


Though Ruth’s belly is relieved of fluids, it is still swollen by the disease in her liver – and as it turns out to still be true – other tumor locations here and there around her abdominal organs. Her condition is still very painful. Our visit with Dr. Basche confirmed the pain med regimen she is on, and improved it to address anxiety, constipation, and reflux from her stomach still doing its job even with very little food.

Very small doses of morphine are now a regular part of Ruth’s day. We have created a daily chart to track and check off the meds she takes. By staying on schedule, we are keeping Ruth fairly comfortable.

Hospice and Home Care

We had hoped to determine Ruth’s hospice protocol and set up a regular home care service today. With our day at the hospital, we intend to get these services sorted tomorrow.

Once we have these care providers in place, we can better schedule more people to visit.


We all want to know how much longer our wonderful sweet Ruth has to live. She asked her oncologist this question today. Though no one wants to put a number on it, having a sense of timing helps quell anxiety about an unknown, helps settle remaining practical life pieces (bank accounts, credit cards, car title, worldly possessions, etc.), and helps friends and family visit in a timely reasonable way.

Dr. Basche answered Ruth’s question, saying that of course there is no certainty. However, to generally set a rough idea of timing, if there was no fluid to drain (meaning the swelling was entirely due to disease), Ruth has a couple to a few weeks. If there was fluid to drain, Ruth may have a few weeks, possibly months.

We do not really know how much more time we have. We do know that we want to make our time as good as it can be.
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We will continue to update everyone as we can.

Thanks and love,

13 thoughts on “Ruth Update 7-21-14

  1. Ruth –
    Just wanted to let you know that not a day goes by without thinking of you. I have been sending you prayers of love, strength, and comfort as each day goes by. You have been cocooned with love by all your Qoya Sisters.

    Much Love, Beth

  2. Ruth-

    Hey! It’s Tara from the Qoya Retreat in Costa Rica!
    By my front door there is an umbrella stand where my son and I dump our change. It is our tything container. When it is full we always pick two causes. This time it came to $383.50. I wanted to let you know that we are donating 191.75 to your cause and 191.75 to (to help save the monarch butterfly). We would love for you to use a portion of this for you to buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers!! And who knows… Perhaps a butterfly may appear! With love and gratitude- Tara and Miles

  3. I will continue to hold you all up in prayer during this journey. I pray for your strength and comfort as you move forward. May God wrap you in arms of peace that only he can give. God bless you all!

  4. Ruthie Cow,
    Thank you for the most wonderful memories and a truly, beautiful friendship…so much so, I cannot put it into words. I know you understand because words were never necessary, we just “got” each other. I also want to thank your friends and family for all that they have done, what a testamint as to who you are, and the impact you’ve had on us all! We’ll do our best to honor that <3 I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU from now until forever…


  5. roo… i love you. so so much. you have me in your heart. i’ll be there. holding you in love. so so much…

    • Ruthie….it’s been awhile since I’ve seen your smiling face & heard your giggle. Long gone are the days we would work together at the herb shop. Those were fun days indeed we shared. I’m not sure how life made the time go by so fast, but as our lives went in different directions, we lost touch. I’m sorry that happened to us. I didn’t realize until today when Jenny & I talked that you were so ill. I’m sorry that you are going through this. I’m sending you lots of light & love Ruthie. I don’t know the “right” words to say, but you know I love you girlie. If you need anything at all right now… Love, love, love you little water sign.

  6. Ruthie,
    Thank you for shining your beautiful light into my life, I will carry it with me always. Peace & Bless.


  7. Ruthie- I loved the time we had in Austin and have missed you since you moved to are my angel! I have many students that walk in and remind me of you.. Whether its physical attributes or their sweet/ kind demeanor. I think of you and know you are an angel to many. I love you! Jackie

  8. Sweet, sweet Ruth.
    This is Ditte, we danced together in Costa Rica and we had a couple of conversation about cancer. As you know I’m struggling with colon cancer myself.

    I have come across something very exciting and want to share this with you. I don’t know if you have the strength to do the procedures but it’s basically no or minor side effects.
    I will be doing this treatment myself and I see on their website that there is a clinic in Switzerland for late stage cancer.
    Please take a look.

    My doctor is in full support of this treatment, he has another patient on this treatment as well.

    I know it’s late in the game and that you have been through sooo much already.

    I’m rooting for you and wish you a safe journey, where ever life may take you.
    Sending you so much love and light to wrap around you and help you on this path.


  9. Hi Ruth!
    You are so full of light! What an amazing woman you are! You have tought me so much! Thank you for your friendship. I think of you and your beautiful smile everyday!! You have so many people praying for you.
    Please know how much you mean to me and David. You are truly the epitome of Grace and ease my love!
    All our love and prayers!!!


  10. Ruth,

    This coveys your beautiful life and presents. You always set the example by staying in the moment.
    What a great mentor and friend. Thank you.


    Today is only a small manageable segment of time in which our difficulties need not overwhelm us. This lifts from our hearts and minds the heavy weight of both past and future.

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