Ruth Update July 1 2014


Ruth and I are still in Tijuana. Instead of leaving early today, I decided to stay until Friday.

The doctors and staff here continue to be very attentive. In some ways their care is better than some we experienced in US hospitals.

Ruth’s Condition

Ruth’s abdomen has been, and continues to be, extremely swollen. She is painfully uncomfortable. We have been under the impression that, like before, she had a lot of fluid building up. We were anxiously waiting to drain the fluid to give her some relief.

A new CT scan reveals that there is not much fluid. And there seems to be very little indication of the tumor masses in the few places we have seen them before.

The disease that was on the outside of her liver has now spread into her liver. Her liver is inflamed and severely swollen.

Ruth is still getting treatment to prepare her for a focused small-dose chemo and additional supplements she will take in a couple weeks. Her medication now includes an effective pain killer and an anti-inflammatory drug. We are waiting to see when and how well the anti-inflammatory medication works on reducing the size of her liver.

Ruth is barely able to keep any fluids or food down. Her abdominal cavity is so full, a few sips or bites come right back up. She is getting fluids intravenously and is sipping a protein drink as she can.

Two Week Challenge

The doctors are optimistic about the overall treatment. The challenge is getting through the next couple of weeks.

Ruth is very weak, and generally does not leave her room. Though confident, and still very much her sweet strong self, she is scared and physically frail. I have been bringing food from the dining hall to her (now replaced with protein shakes), and help her get to appointments and treatments.

As I mentioned, I am leaving Friday. Ruth and I would really appreciate someone being here after I am gone. We realize we are asking a lot in short notice. If you can afford the time, all you need is an up-to-date passport. We will cover travel expenses to and from San Diego. A hospital van would pick you up. Ruth’s room has a second, full-size, firm bed, and the food is good.

As we know, Ruth has many great friends. Susan Anderson will be here Friday, July 11 through Sunday, July 13. Michelle Kaye will be here Friday, July 18 and bring Ruth home on Saturday, July 19.

Please let us know if you can come for a few days.


Thank you very much to those of you who have donated. Ruth would like to thank you herself, but is not really able to anytime soon.

If you can offer some financial help, click this link:

I will continue to keep you updated. As always, Ruth sends her love

Thanks and love,

4 thoughts on “Ruth Update July 1 2014

  1. You are constantly on my mind and always in my heart! I’m thankful for the optimism, confidence, and care the hospital and staff are providing you. You know we’all believe in you Ruth! Love you so much sisteR! XOXO!

  2. There is a sun in every person ~ the you we call companion. ~ Rumi

    This short read came to me (to send to you) this morning. it is from “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo
    ~The Moment of Dawn~
    It is essential to realize and embrace the paradox that while no one can go through your journey for you, you are not alone. Everyone is on the same journey. Everyone shares the same pains, the same confusions, the same fears, which if put out between us, lose their edges and so cut us less.
    A very touching story from the Talmund captures this soft paradox of how we all journey alone together. A Rabbi asks his students, “How do you know the first moment of dawn has arrived?” After a great silence, one pipes up, “When you can tell the difference between a sheep and a dog.” The Rabbi shakes his head no. Another offers, “When you can tell the difference between a fig tree and a olive tree.” Again, the Rabbi shakes his head no. There are no other answers. The Rabbi circles their silence and walks between them, “You know the first moment of dawn has arrived when you look into the eyes of another human being and see yourself.”

    3 meditation practices follow this:
    1 – Sit quietly and breathe your way to center…
    2 – Simply breathe your heart open, and try to feel both your aloneness and what you share with every other human being…
    3 – Breathe deeply and slowly, and try not to comprehend this, but just to feel it…

    Sending you all my love sister, may the soft yet mighty waters flow through you and bring you peace…

  3. Hi Ruth,
    You are my prayers and thoughts.
    As I know you know:) there is a Battalion of Angles in Austin sending prayers and love your way.
    We are with you, G-D is with you and your Guides are with you!

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