Ruth Update 7-3-2014


A quick update.

RuthieCare in Tijuana

In our last email, I mentioned that I will be leaving tomorrow, Friday, July 4. I still am – and will return in a couple of days, Monday, July 7. I’ll stay here with Ruth until Friday, July 11.

Susan Anderson will arrive the same day, Friday, July 11, and leave Monday, July 14.

I will return Monday, July 14, and stay until Friday, July 18.

Michelle Kaye will arrive in San Diego on Thursday, July 17, and will stay with Ruth, escorting her home on Saturday, July 19.

Ruth and I want to thank those of you that so quickly offered to come stay with Ruth. Very, very loving, kind, heroic. We this schedule, and the 24 hour staff here, Ruth’s care is covered.


Also, it seems I was not clear about what’s happening with Ruth’s disease. There seems to be very little cancer in the few sites that had been active. The CT scan does not show tumors where they had appeared before. Now the cancer has left the outer lining of the liver, and has gone into the interior of the liver. Her liver is inflamed and significantly swollen.

She is getting pain meds and anti-imflamitory meds. The doc suggests (without being definite) that Ruth will see a reduction in swelling and relief in the next couple of days.

That’s it for now.

Thanks and love,

One thought on “Ruth Update 7-3-2014

  1. I want to send greeting and just say YES, to your care plan. A juggling act to say the least, but simply awesome. I never cease to send positive thoughts and prayers.
    Love and light,

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