Hey there y’all, its Roo…

A very quick hello from me to say, as always, thanks you for your unwavering support and love!

My mind is barely clear enough to type this out in the moment — I hope this update finds you all well and happy!

Though this is not chemo, it is no walk in the park. I am still having trouble eating or drinking enough. I am receiving a lot of fluid (3 days in a row now) which will at least keep me from utter dehydration. I like the almond based porting shakes they have my on — I just can’t ingest very much. Same goes for my chamomile /peppermint tea. I have begun to take on a little fluid retention, and we will see what they want to do about that come Monday, most likely.

The Vitamin C drip is the hardest for me. It is very strong, and I do one for 30 minutes (no water 30 mins before or after) and then another Vitamin C infusion an hour-and-a-half later. They make me fearful, crazy, emotional (literally crying my eyes out) and sick. It is a strange thing. Some people here can feel the Vit C burning at the tumor site, and believe some of the emotions to be connected to the tumor being under attack…

All I know, is that I am very weak, in pain, and suffering, and able to do very little myself. The idea that I wouldn’t need much help here was naive. So I am moved to tear that Terri (Brian’s sister) dropped everything to come and be with me for the weekend until Brian can make it back. Already, my spirits are lifted. Its not just the help, its having someone you love with you.

I am so grateful to the few of you who reached out and tried to help. Terri was able to do this with the least fiddling and rearranging of her life this weekend.

Despite my pain and suffering, I want to be clear that I am in the right place. Your hearts need to know that I believe this. May this being you peace.

I hope you are having fun and safe celebrations tonight, and this weekend, for the 4th of July. With any luck, I will have the energy (or a wheelchair) to make if down to the beach for a fresh coconut!

Love you all so very much!

ps: When Terri got here, just fyi, she said “You are obviously in a very safe and well to do part of Tijuana. Its nice here!” And Terri has good taste!
Just in case some of you are wondering…

12 thoughts on “Hey there y’all, its Roo…

  1. Dear sweet Ruthie,

    You are the field of love and humor, two of the strongest healing forces on the planet! You’re going to make it through this!

    And yes, thank you for saying what you said about the emotions and healing. Much of the work on the planet at the moment has to do with clearing emotional toxins from the field. And I don’t think the ones we clear are just ours, I suspect the work is much bigger than that. In some way, you’re crying for all of us when you cry.

    I just read an article in “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” about a 78-year-old woman with advanced breast cancer who was completely healed by vitamin C IV’s alone. It’s a powerful substance. I’m glad you’re getting it, even though it sounds very uncomfortable.

    When you go into the underworld, feel me with you. As you know, I’ve been there recently 🙂 My doctor in Boulder, Dr. Bergstein, still remembers the day, a year ago February, when I said to him, (because I could no longer eat anything without incredible pain), you either have to help me die or help me live because I can’t stay where I am. And I am very much alive now as is our sweet Fiona who has lived between the worlds often during the last 10 years. So she and I are holding your space in our trinity with great love.

    I’m gong to go dance to Nina Storey at the Arts Festival this afternoon. I’m taking you with me 🙂

    Lots of love,


  2. I am a friend of your Mother. I have a son who is also struggling with cancer so can understand where you are coming from. I and my husband Gary will continue to keep you in our prayers and pray that the treatment you are receiving will rid you of that cancer.

  3. Hey beautiful Ruth,

    Thanks for the update. I hope you got your coconut! Ask them if they can put some tequila in that Vit C infusion. You are in Tijuana after all!

    When do they have you scheduled for your obligatory tattoo? 🙂

    Here’s to the pure light of who you are and letting go of all that no longer serves you…

    Love and Hugs,
    Jill (and Maple)

  4. Good morning sis,
    Tequila & tattoos, that’s funny (and so close to my heart, haha).

    Hey, I just want to reinforce that you are being sent smiles & hugs, love & positive energy all day and all night from all of us around the Universe! We all love you so much Ruth…
    Keep up the good work, we’re so proud of you!
    Love always,

  5. Ruth-

    I praise God for the place you are receiving treatment just now. It seems He is at work in and through them. Your Mom was gracious to share with me the reduction and or elimination of a number of cancer sites, even though others seem to be growing.

    I don’t know what God’s plan is in all of this, but I do know He is on His throne and that He loves you more than life itself. I know He desires complete healing and an abundant life for you and for Brian. I stand in agreement with your Mom that this attack will be defeated and God will be glorified by your testimony.

    We all hold you and Brian in prayer daily as you seek healing and restoration.

    Trusting in Him,

    Lynn Ann Huizingh
    Faith Community Church

  6. Dear Ruth,

    Please know that we are praying for you, sending you positive vibrations of Peace, Love, Comfort and Health.

    With much respect,

  7. Ruth, I am a friend of your mom and want you to know that I hold you up in daily prayer. May the God that loves you give you strength, comfort, peace, and healing. I hope you’d feel better in each passing day. I will be praying.

  8. This mornings message from the Universe ~ just wanted to share the smile…
    The more you love, for the fewest of reasons, the more reasons there’ll be;
    You know, life, another, yourself, people, mornings, French toast, sunshine, rain… everything.

    More maple syrup?
    The Universe

    ps ~ Same goes for the more you laugh, smile and skip, but be very careful with waving, winking, and honking. 🙂
    Love, love, love…

  9. Roo! Good Morning, Gorgeous! So, as I’m still jumping on the learning curve for technology (and I’ve been reading Brian’s updates through email, for some reason didn’t get yours through my email?) I just figured out how to “refresh” (update) this page and just saw your update from this past weekend and all of the beautiful and heartfelt prayers and good wishes and good healing Juju being sent your way 🙂 Whew! Sounds like you are working hard out there, my sweet friend. I will imagine rainbows and unicorns and puffy clouds and laughter (and maybe even some of that “Tattoo and Tequila” energy – just for kicks and giggles – ) surging through your Vitamin C IV as it rushes through your veins for Ultimate Mega-Healing!

    I had actually written an email to you and Brian this past weekend which I’ll paste below, just to make sure you receive it (it was in total homage to the Green Butterfly Dress 🙂

    More soon, sending all my love and prayers and Serious WooWoo to you, Roo! Psyched to be with you next weekend!

    Hello Beloved Friends,

    Brian, thank you for the update! I am glad that you will be staying there with Roo – you are a wonderful, loving human being and a dedicated partner to her!! Thank you with all my heart for being there for and with her.

    It sounds like the liver is now the organ that’s holding the cancer? Oy. I’m glad to hear it’s out of your other parts, Ruthie, so now I guess we’ll concentrate on getting all of it out of one spot 🙂 I will look forward to hearing that some of the pain is “leaving the building,” and that the swelling is reducing….

    I’ll stay on your blog and talk to my friend Kendra about holding a fundraiser sometime this summer/early fall!

    Everyone sends all of their love and healing juju and support to you, as do I, sweet Roo and Brian.

    Please LMK how else I can be of support, and I’ll look forward to seeing Roo’s beautiful smile on Friday 7/18, unless you need me any sooner!! (in which case, I’m on a plane tomorrow, really 🙂

    Love with all my heart,

  10. Hello, Sunshine
    Another beautiful day to let you know how much love is coming your way. Butterflies, puffy clouds, and, yes even tequila and tattoos. Sorry the vitamin c is difficult, but sounds like it is doing the job, as God intended. Hmmm, vitamin C and Sunshine. May all the love lift you up today and fill you with healing. Hope you got your coconut.

    Love, hugs and prayers, Mamacita

  11. Mi Hermana Luna, (sweetie), I do hope you are feeling stronger, and more tolerant to you treatment(s). You always have been a warrior; the peaceful, princessy kind however! Your beautiful smile opens this site and reminds us all of your super-human strength & fortitude; wrapped so perfectly with humor & joy! I’m sorry the battle is a hard one Ruth; my heart goes out to you, and sometimes I cry too! BUT, and that’s a BIG BUT, I only cry emotionally; because my lil’ sis is hurting, or scared. Intellectually & spiritually I rejoice because I believe in your healing, and your purpose! I love you Ruth! XO’s

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