July 9 2014

Just a quick hello from Roo.  I have been reminded that even a teensy bit of news is better than nothing at all, so an update from today…

First, and foremost, Happy Birthday to Mitch!  I love you with all of my heart and soul, and I hope you are having a great day!

My treatment, in terms of pain meds and such has been quite confusing to me, but they are managing my pain pretty well.  Turns out, cancer inside the liver is painful!! 😉  I continue to be very pleased with the nursing staff here, and will tell you truly it has been far superior to the treatment I recently received at Rose in Denver several weeks ago.  (No disrespect to Rose, just setting the record straight as there was some fear about the kind of care I would receive in Tijuana. :-)) 

I have mentioned that the Vitamin C treatment is tough on me.  I feel that it is getting a little easier, especially thanks to anti-nausea meds, and experience.  I had heard in the past, and have been asked recently, about the Vitamin C — some people have felt really good after an infusion of Vit C.  Here it is a much stronger dose than your typical Vit C infusion because it is being used as the chemo.  So, just clarifying…  It is a super, mega dose and does not give me a good feeling.  However, the feelings I do get I attribute to “the medicine doing its job”, however painful.  Sometimes I do feel burning spots in my abdomen, and it is quite interesting.  

The Vitamin K infusion is a bit less remarkable, as is the Vitimin B-17.  Though the B-17 makes my eyes sting, and sometimes it feels like a blood vessel bursting in my eye.  A lovely gentleman last week had a completely bloodshot eye from this, but he wasn’t in pain, and it is a normal reaction for some folks.

The Oxygenation and Ozonation of the blood I find to be the most intriguing of the therapies.  The Vitamin infusions are every day M-F and the Ozone/Oxygen is 3 days per week.  On the weekends I some detoxing and receive an infusion of minerals — and those feel good to me.

i think we have mentioned that the food here is delicious.  I am up to eating about 3 bites per meal, and sipping on protein shakes throughout the day.  I am quite happy with the diet, though sometimes hungry, I feel I am for the most part getting what I need.  Some days I get a whole bowl of strawberries to snack on throughout the day, and I am in heaven!  Isn’t it funny how little we truly need to be satisfied?  My favorite things here:  strawberries, cantaloupe, papaya, protein shake, chamomile tea, avocado with cilantro on delicious, hand-made (not fried in grease) tortillas, and a bite of scrambled egg every couple of days…  I don’t eat all of these things in one day, but this is my core menu, and I am feeling like I could live off of it for a long time!  Being that this is a very powerfully faith based operation, I am quite sure that I am getting “extra nutrients” via all the prayers that are infused into the food.  🙂

When Terri was here this weekend, taking EXCELLENT care of me (thanks, sis!) we made the journey down to the beach.  Terri pushing me along in a wheelchair on sidewalks and roads that are not meant for wheelchairs!  It was fun, and wore me all the way out, but certainly worth it.  I did get a fresh coconut… Only to discover that I didn’t like it!  Not sure why, but Terrri agreed it just didn’t taste like much.  There were 2 slices of mango in the bag, however, and that was like gold to me!!  Again, thank you Terri for the good care, the comfort improvements, the humor, the prayers and light, and the chick flicks.  I have not been having a good time down here, but when I wasn’t looking, Terri snuck in a couple good times on my behalf. 😉

I suppose that is a good update for now.  I feel like I am either forgetting something, or leaving out very important details…  Oh, well.  More to come on another day.

Again, I just want to say thank you for being there — in all the ways you are there for me.  Every single one of you.  I am going to win this battle, but it will because of my dear army family of loved ones, and the power of the light of Jesus.  We will be victorious, and I can’t wait to hug you in celebration somewhere down the road.  Oh, and help you with something you might need one day, as well…  🙂

I love you, love you, love you!

9 thoughts on “July 9 2014

  1. Love you so much, Roo! I know I haven’t written you since you’ve been down in your Mexican resort, but I hope you know I’ve had you on my mind and in my prayers throughout. You’ve got an awesome team assembled. So blessed to be a small part of it. 🙂 Lemme know if I can send anything with Susan when she comes to visit this weekend. Hugs to you and Brian!

  2. Hey sweet mama! I got it figured out! Apparently my phone wasn’t the way to go and needed the desk top! I could see stuff but couldn’t respond. I could see the reply button to others posts, but not a place to reply. I am thinking of you everyday and sending all my love to you:-* You are amazing and strong and beautiful my love<3

  3. So good to hear from you! You crack me up; you start out “just a quick hello”, and then you write! Thank you for the description of the treatments, and how they are working for you. I for one did not know how they worked, so thanks for taking the time to describe them. I truly believe in what you’re doing and “see” it doing it’s work for you!
    Isn’t it funny how we recognize our mind thinks it wants a coconut, but our heart knows what our real needs are; mango! 😉
    You are obviously satisfied (with what you said as a little), because in truth you are getting everything you need and no doubt the LOVE seasoning in the food IS the magic ingredient… As always, I send all my love to you Ruthie and hold you close to my heart…

  4. Good afternoon Ruth. I imagine you might be sleeping, or at least resting, this afternoon.

    The LORD brought you to mind today and I wanted to post a prayer on your behalf:

    Abba Father-

    I lift up Ruth to You this afternoon. You are the God Who Sees. Nothing escapes Your notice. In fact, I know You are fully aware of Ruth and the illness attempting to consumer her body. I praise You today as the Great Healer. The only living God Who desires that His children be healthy and whole.

    While we do not understand why You have allowed this illness into Ruth’s life, I do know that You are with her at all times, loving her, strengthening her, holding her close to Your breast while she rests. I pray LORD that You will give her Your peace that passes understanding as she journeys one day at a time. I pray that You will intercede on her behalf regarding the pain that comes with both the illness and the treatment.

    I pray you will be with her family and friends as they sit vigil, trusting You for all things to work together for the good of this child of Yours who loves You.

    Thank you in advance for all You have done, all You are doing and all You will do for Ruth.


  5. Meow!!! Oh my sweet, sweet Ru! I think about you every single day and I hope you can feel my love down in Mexico. I know you are one tough cookie and giving this cancer a run for its money…keep it up, Ru!! Once back in Denver, let me know if Brian needs a breather and I’ll come with chick flicks to make your tummy hurt only from laughter

  6. “Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form. When I love you, I empower you to bring yourself into a state of wholeness.”
    -Marcel Vogel

    KNOW: I LOVE YOU ROO!!!!!!!

  7. Thinking of you Ruth before i fall asleep tonite. I’m so glad I checked your page and found and beautiful update from you. Happy to read how the treatments are working for you and healing you.
    Love, light and prayers,

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