Ruth Update 7-14-2014

Hi Everyone,

Here’s another post based on our latest email update.

We hope you are doing well.

Ruth is coming to the end of her treatment here in Tijuana.

Though the plan was for her to get three weeks of mega-doses of Vitamin C, K, B17, and other supplements, Ruth has maxed out after two weeks.

We will be leaving for Denver Thursday morning, and meeting with her oncologist there to determine next steps.

Because her enlarged liver makes it impossible to eat or drink more than the smallest amount of a protein shake, Ruth is more weak than ever. Her pain has been getting worse, and is managed with increasing pain medication. Her abdomen is still extremely swollen. The fluid retention ballooning her legs is diminishing, easing her discomfort.

Once we are back in Denver, we intend to set up nursing care at home with the emphasis being pain management, and avoid going from this hospital to another.

We have thanked many of you individually for your love support, and donations – and we want to thank you again! (For those who sent checks, we received them just before traveling, and have not been able to respond. We will!) Travel and home care expenses continue to increase. Your financial assistance helps a lot.

Here’s a link to make a donation:

As always, visit to share your thoughts and feelings.

Thanks, we love you,

7 thoughts on “Ruth Update 7-14-2014

  1. Prayers continue from here. I will be holding you up as you travel and pray that the trip home will go well. You seem a very strong woman and I pray that fight and strength will continue in you. My God give you peace for your continued journey. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to pray for you!

  2. Good morning, Ruth and Brian. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, as you prepare for your trip home.
    I look forward to holding you, Sunshine, but also know that you will probably not be up to visit after your trip on Thursday. I want to respect your thoughts.
    I will see you very soon, whenever that is the best for you.
    Plan to see Diane today for lunch, when she gets off work.
    Brian, I will need your help in letting me know how soon I can come for a visit. Thank you for all that you are to precious Ruth.

    Love to you both.
    Carolyn, Mamacita

  3. Hello Ruth!

    It is touching to hear all the stories from your treatment. It sounds like it was wonderful in some ways to be at the center in Tijuana, near the ocean and fresh fruit. I dearly hope the swelling gets better very soon – it sounds like no fun at all! Only three bites! My wish is that it will settle down and be happy just being a liver again.

    I am glad to receive your updates. My thoughts are with you during this challenge.


  4. I love you, Ruth! Thinking about you tons, and all the amazing energy you shared with me in Austin years ago. Sending hugs and love. You are amazing!!!!!
    x Hannah

  5. Hi Ruth,

    I’ve been thinking of you so often. And loving you. And loving you.

    Loving you upon and across distance and the vast closeness that is space and time.


    how sweet.


  6. Roo! I love you too. I love seeing your beautiful face. Thought of you in triangle this week. I WAS A FLYING SQUIRREL! Only one of your many little gifts to me:)

    Loving you, thanking you and thinking of you…

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